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Hottest News Predictions 2020 –  Missing British diplomat Richard Morris ( Former UK Ambassador of Nepal ) – Clairvoyant /Psychic reading May 17 , 2020 – by Clairvoyant House “Dimitrinka Staikova and daughters Stoyanka and Ivelina Staikova” – from Europe , Bulgaria , Varna.

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Hottest News Predictions 2020 – Missing British diplomat Richard Morris ( Former UK Ambassador of Nepal ) – Clairvoyant /Psychic reading May 17 , 2020 – by Clairvoyant House “Dimitrinka Staikova and daughters Stoyanka and Ivelina Staikova” – from Europe , Bulgaria , Varna.

Photo: October 10 , 2019. Time of the Clairvoyant reading – after the photo.

Health : October 10 , 2019 – I see diseases of the glands , I feel strong stress and fear inside him. There is a beginning of problems with the right eye , inflammation from a sinus channel and constriction of a blood vessel ( at right ) , the constriction ( tightening ) is coming by the thyroid gland ( the right side ) . The energy is going around the pituitary and it is concentrated as pain in the left part of the thyroid gland. I see an ill soul too. He has received suffocation ( lack of breath ) in the moment of the photo. The heart is before a heart attack. There is pain and hyperfunction of the pancreas , the bile is very enlarged and swollen. The prostate is also enlarged , in huperfunction , the urinary tract is also swollen. I see also pain at the left pelvic area. The muscles of the belly are tightened and heavy because of the fear. At the front of the body the energy is going from the prostate to the pancreas. At the back of the body – there is a strong inflammation of the spine – it starts with a pain in the tailbone – the pain is reflected – at the back of the right leg – down in the leg I see tightening of muscles. I see a light pain also in the fingers of the right arm , cramps in the neck , the both kidneys are enlarged , the pain is strong in the pancreas and it is reaching there ( the back ).

Now , I see him with pains in the head , covered as a cocoon ( bag ) from the head below. His head is like placed higher than the body. The body is put deep in the earth. The perspectives for life in that moment are not very good. When he went running , at first he went at south direction ( strictly at South – as a vertical line ). Then I see a turn – slightly bigger than 90 degrees and a direction to west , southwest , then comes a collision with car. The persons I see in the car – two men and one woman. At first , they were shouting and talking above him. The collision with the car was not life – threatening. They were repeating the question “why ?” , and he asked ” what ? ” ( is happening ? ) . When he stood up , a blow was inflicted and quick actions has begun. It is connected with his job ( the previous job ) – a revenge of a very wealthy person – a foreigner that exports spices. The kidnappers are British – their car is taller. He is loaded. The place where that happened has a shape of rainbow ( the road ). Then comes a movement as a straight line again at southwest near to a big , wealthy house ( I see it as two houses close to each other with big roofs ). Richard Moris is infront of the house. I see a passage way ( road ) from the house ( now ) – in southeastern direction. This is where the police must search with a dog. Close to it , there is some kind of vessel that looks like a boat , but I don’t see water , only soil , earth. From there – I see a thinking about his home. I see an attempt for murder , but I see favorable conditions about his finding. I can’t say if he is alive or dead now. The situation that he is in the moment doesn’t assumes that he is alive.

In addition : Missing British diplomat Richard Morris – Clairvoyant reading May 17, 2020 – by Clairvoyant Stoyanka Staikova

I see an energy leaving from the lower part of his body ( from the belly below ) the energy is leaving before him and then goes back in his head. I see a travel to East – Northeast. Problems connected with Russia or Russians. I see people staying on duty at a distance from each other. I see goung down on a four levels underground and a talk ( meeting ) with a big boss ( leader ). I see the making of blood researches and nerves. November 2019 – I see three people behind his back. Intelligence . Protests. Dividing of a big amount of money at two parts. December 2019 – I see a site at Northeast where rockets are launched. January – 2020 I see a separation ( dividing ) of companies ( ownership ) at two parts – each part is by three things – he is taking the one part. February 2020 – There is energy that goes underground. I see a crossing out of a military or ( person wearing uniform ). March 2020 -There s a travel at west. April 2020 – He is seeing water or gases evaporating in the air. I see meetings with people , talks about a big sum of money. Relationships with Russians. May 2020 – there are talks about a lot of money , (big sums) , about the connecting of a big amount of companies and businesses , and after that – I see an energy that goes up to the sky. Health ( photo – October 10 , 2019 ) : I see pain in the nose and jaw , pain in the throat , the lungs , enlarged liver , gases in the stomach , ill prostate and kidneys. There is a strong pain at the pelvis. He is immobilized , he can’t breath.

In addition : Missing British diplomat Richard Morris – Clairvoyant reading May 17 , 2020 – by Clairvoyant Ivelina Staikova

It is connected with business and a lot of money. Richard Morris is a part of a business circle that has been attacked. One of the business partners wants everything for itself. In the moment , the British diplomat is closed , with people with uniforms around him. I see a group of soldiers , four of them are going to a war , about their lifes , and the other four are making business with Americans. He is frightened and he is feeling pain in the heart , the head and the genitals , but for the moment he is alive. Richard Morris is at direction South of his home. The building has unusual shape – sharply beveled on one side , with extension behind it. I hear the world ” refrigerators ” (freezers ).

Dimitrinka Staikova on Twitter: “Turkish heiress Mina Başaran ‘s plane crash – The Reasons – Clairvoyant/Psychic reading March 12,2018 – by Clairvoyant Dimitrinka Staikova from Europe …
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